King Louie's Drive-In: About


The owner of King Louie's Drive-In is Chrissy O'Dell. Chrissy purchased the business from her parents, Dennis and Paula Burk in 1999 and still own and operate it today. Dennis and Paula purchased the business in 1984. Therefore King Louie's has been owned and operated by the same family for over 29 years! King Louie's got the name in the late 1970's by the previous owners. Originally during the 1950's, the business operated under the name of the J P Drive-In.

In October of 1988 the Drive-In was robbed and partially burnt in a fire. The thieves only managed to take about $200 dollars. After the fire, the Burk's added the dining room area on to accomodate another 40 people along with the seating space at the counter. With the addition of the dining room, King Louie's owners decided to start staying opened year round. You can pull up in your car, for amazing carhop service or join us inside at the counter or dining room. We also added picnic tables outside if you want to soak up the weather while enjoying our famous homemade rootbeer. Call ahead service was also added for those that are in a hurry. Call us today for questions or any orders 618-254-1114.

Thank you for your continued business and support!


King of the Jungle Challenge


The King of the Jungle Challenge consists of a 2 lb burger, loaded potato planks, and a 32 ounce soda of your choice! You get 30 minutes to finish everything. Winners get their picture added to the elite few that have completed the challenge. Everyone that takes the challenge receives a King Louie's T-shirt!